How to Use a Boar Bristle Brush — The Right Way

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The boar bristle brush is known for making hair shiny and silky. The proper way to use the brush, however, has often been misunderstood. I used to think that the bristle brush is softer on the hair than a plastic or metal brush, and therefore better to useĀ  instead. But really, this brush is actually not supposed to untangle hair.

How to use the boar bristle brush

Step 1: With a comb, carefully comb out your tangles from bottom to top, making sure your hair is fully free of any tangles.
Step 2: Done step 1? Then now is the time to use the magic of the boar bristle brush. With a tiny bit of your favourite oil in the palm of your hand, rub it into the bristles of the brush. Not much at all, just a shimmer! You don’t want your hair to get oily. You don’t have to use oil of course; this brush will still distribute your natural oils down on each hair shaft.
Step 3: Make different sections of hair so that you will be able to reach all of your hairs.
Step 4: Then brush your hair from top to bottom and let the boar-bristle brush sort of fly through your hair, don’t try to untangle with it. If you still find tangles, take your time to untangle with your comb or your fingers. Then continue where you stopped.
Step 5: Remove all hairs from the brush. Make sure you clean your brush at least once to twice a week with water and shampoo(optional). A dirty brush will make your hair dirty too!

boarThis brush distributes nicely your natural oils all the way to your ends and you will find your hair soft and shiny! It also allows you to put some natural conditioning oil in your hair, like coconut oil. Or if you want your hair to smell nice you could use your favourite essential oil. Brushing every day is super healthy for long hair; a bristle brush it is the perfect way to get some moisture in your dry ends. Also, by putting a bit of oil in the brush it doesn’t make your hair static.

Conclusion: I love this type of brush, it feels really nice on the scalp, and it is an extra treat for my hair, turning it into shiny, soft silk-like hair :] thank you boar!


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